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Nau Mai Ki Tāmaki Makaurau Jr Māori Golf

About Us

At Tāmaki Makaurau Junior Māori Golf Trust, we are committed to upholding and celebrating our Māoritanga while fostering a supportive environment for the development of golf skills. Our mission is to establish a platform where taiohi Māori can thrive and prosper in the realm of golf, enabling them to chart their own courses and attain their aspirations.

Our primary objective is to generate opportunities for taiohi Māori to elevate their golfing capabilities. Through professional coaching, access to top-notch facilities, and a network of encouragement, our aim is to nurture talent, skill, and confidence. Recognising the uniqueness of each player's journey, we are dedicated to offering personalized guidance to assist them in navigating their path in golf.

Tāmaki Makaurau Junior Māori Golf Trust embraces the conviction that golf can be a transformative experience, both on and off the course. We are devoted to instilling invaluable life skills such as discipline, perseverance, sportsmanship, and leadership. By promoting comprehensive growth, we empower Māori players to excel not only in golf but also in their personal and professional pursuits.

Collectively, we aspire to establish a legacy of Māori excellence in golf, where players can carve out their own destinies and make positive contributions to their communities. Tāmaki Makaurau Junior Māori Golf Trust is dedicated to championing the aspirations and dreams of our Māori golfers, guiding them towards success as they navigate their chosen path in te ao hahaupōro.

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